About us

Tino Mob is a Romanian owned company founded in 2004, that produces and sells furniture for commercial premises, storage (warehouse) furniture, office furniture and also home furniture. Trying to adapt to the most demanding customer requirements, Tino Mob managed to offer them products that stand on the vanguard of furniture manufacturing such as corian, but also products belonging to the classical spectrum like hand-carved wood.

Tino Mob offers a wide range of products, based on customer needs and the necessary consulting for desired spatial placement, through a department of creative and ingenious design, in a more functional, flexible yet ergonomic way.

We cite the maximum flexibility to meet specific requests. The range of the materials we can use are one of the most diverse (painted MDF, veneered MDF, Corian, melamine fireboard, veneered fireboard, solid wood, plywood, carved wood).

In order to provide the Romanian market with the optimal quality, we have partnered production - marketing with European leaders in metal furniture manufacturing. The quality - price balance, products and also services have positioned us in the last decade among the most active competitiors in the furniture market in Romania.

Specialised in furnishing over 10 years