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TinoMob is a Romanian private-owned company that has been producing and selling furniture for retail, warehouses, offices and residences since 2004.

We, at TinoMob, believe that the spaces we conduct business’ in and those we call “home” represent us, speak about us in subtle yet impressive ways! They reflect our philosophy and lifestyle, our taste.These spaces represent the interface between partners, customers, employees or family and friends.

The best tailors for our customers’ business or private spaces.

We have successfully been offering our clients products ranging from the vanguard of furniture manufacturing – such as the Corian® furniture – to the ones belonging to the classical spectrum – like the hand-carved wood.

TinoMob pays special attention to its customers’ details and requirements, ensuring that the crafted products meet the highest standards on the market. By providing a good ratio quality – price, we maintain our company as one of the most active players in the Romanian furniture market, managing special projects that are praised in the international design media.

To provide the local market with the best quality solutions, we have also partnered in both production and marketing with European leaders in metal furniture manufacturing.

TinoMob provides performance-driven solutions.

Customers’ lifestyle and business demands, the latest trends and developments in materials and design are drivers to our constant evolution.

TinoMob designs and produces all types of furniture and accessories for shelving, storage displays and cash – register areas. It also provides solutions for spaces that need to accommodate pragmatic requests – like functionality, ergonomics, circulation, storage, budget and lifestyle – and also relevant to your brand or personal image.

Our priority is to provide original solutions to our customers, the design and engineering team undertaking research to create methods and tools to improve and innovate the workflow.

Clients & projects, innovation & new experiences, technical knowledge & drive for outstanding delivery. This is what TinoMob stands for and what makes us a respected business in the global furniture market.

Let’s meet and design together the best solutions for your business!