Craftera Solutions

A New Era in Furniture 3D Printing

TinoMob presents Craftera, the brand that started a new era in furniture production for the Romanian market.

Craftera – Innovation and Creation

At Craftera, we innovate the furniture manufacturing process for various industries. We have a state-of-the-art, large-scale 3D printer that allows us to meet any expectations of our partners.

With its help, almost anything is possible: on a large scale, but with attention to the minor details.

We Redefine the Concept of Printing

We know that the industry’s future lies in the use of recyclable materials in the production process.

That’s why we use materials from sustainable sources, such as granules or wood pellets, to offer flexibility, speed in production and competitive costs. It’s more than 3D printing. It’s an art.

Eco-friendly Technology

Therefore, Craftera’s printing process is entirely sustainable. 3D printers are the alternative we need for a cleaner and more protected environment.

We use Swedish technology, which is versatile and cost-effective for materials from renewable resources.

Let’s innovate together!

Perfection with Every Detail.

Craftera provides integrated solutions, regardless of the industry you belong to. Our experience is not based only on TinoMob, one of the largest furniture manufacturers in Romania, but also reflects the expertise of a creative team ready to meet any demands.

We quickly and sustainably print 3D furniture, from small to large sizes, with a capacity between 1 and 8 kg per hour. The bigger the better! Together, we think big.

Unique, sustainable, affordable.