Precision and creativity

We offer a wide range of solutions, based on customer needs and the necessary consulting for desired spatial placement.

Custom Retail Furniture

Given our performant facilities and the large network of partners our mission is to always customize a solution for you by adding value wherever we can.

Depending on the overall design, endurance requirements or budget, the retail furniture can be produced using a variety of materials and adapted to the larger furbishing environment of your commercial space.

Custom Food Furniture

Furniture crafted for high-standards food & beverage items.
We provide excellent solutions for any type of grocery-store products, perishable food and fine beverages, guaranteeing the best quality materials and modern design, tailored to any type of project.

Corian® furniture


Corian® is a material composed of natural minerals and acrylic resins and using thermoforming technology it can be transformed in any desired shape. It comes in a wide range of colours, modern designs, and textures – smooth, non-porous, inert, repairable or non-toxic.

Custom Carved Wood

The concept is based on the fact that wood carving is tied to old Romanian traditions, therefore we want to transpose these true values into our works.
With the help of our carvers’ vast experience, TinoMob can create solid wood furniture with both a traditional and modern look.

Custom Metal Work

Combining design and engineering skills with craftsmanship and innovation, we manage to assist our clients in their custom planning of metal works by manufacturing any product requested by their business.

At TinoMob, the merger between functionality and ergonomics serves as a great solution provider for the custom metal works we offer our partners, thus contributing to more efficient flows and processes and, ultimately, a more profitable business.

Electrostatic coating

Some of our retail clients expressed their need to refurbish their stores or furbish new spaces at lower costs and were looking for alternatives to replace their existing furniture.

Since 2013 we started providing electrostatic coating for retail clients who wish to extend the life of their existing furniture by giving it a new, refreshed look. It is also an appropriate solution for those who need to bring a more homogenous look to a mix of various pieces.

Other Solutions

By having at our disposal a variety of materials (such as MDF, melamine fireboard, solid wood, Corian and metal), we can offer you integrated solutions or specific products, depending on your particular business’ needs, irrespective of the size of your commercial space, residential or back office.

Whilst paying special attention to customer’s details and requirements, TinoMob ensures that the crafted products meet the highest standards on the market. Our dedication and the quality – price ratio maintains our company between the most active players on the Romanian furniture market of the last decade.

Let’s meet and design together the best solutions for your business!