Our greatest accomplishments are the long list of satisfied partners and the original projects we successfully manage.

More than15Years of Experience
Over75Retail Clients
Over21Million Euros Turnover


We have successfully been offering our clients products ranging from the vanguard of furniture manufacturing – such as the Corian® furniture – to the ones belonging to the classical spectrum – like the hand-carved wood.

Retail furniture

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Wood furniture

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Corian® furniture

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Food & Drinks

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Warehouse & Logistics

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Other projects

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Precision and creativity

We offer a wide range of furnishing solutions, based on customers’ needs and the necessary consulting for desired spatial placement, treating with equal dedication each project we work on. The solutions can be addressed to any type of commercial areas and the annexed offices, storage spaces etc.

Craftera Solutions

A New Era in Furniture 3D Printing

Through Craftera, a brand launched under the auspices of TinoMob, we are starting a new era in furniture production for the Romanian market. We use innovative, sustainable, environmentally friendly technologies to 3D print almost any piece of furniture for our partners across various industries.

Design & Services

Precision and creativity

Through our department of creative and engineering design, we provide the necessary consulting, customized and ingenious furniture solutions of retail spaces for each brand and partner, ensuring efficient space design, increased functionality, flexibility and ergonomics.

Let’s meet and design together the best solutions for your business!