Innovative and unique approach

TinoMob offers a wide range of products for retail clients, based on the latest trends in materials and design.

Retail Furniture

TinoMob offers integrated solutions, as well as custom products tailored to your business needs.

We provide an ingenious and a unique approach on both design and execution for furnishing small and large commercial areas.

Wood Furniture

The unique furniture entails the perfect contrast between modern materials and the art of wood carving.

Our solid wood furniture is especially carved for high-end clients who appreciate classic craftsmanship and customized designs.

Among the projects that recommend us, “Gusturi Românești” highlights the traditional romanian architecture. This project highlights the handcrafted furniture carefully carved, combining the “new” with the “old” presenting to the customer an authentic story.

Corian® furniture


After setting up and acquiring the best standards in terms of production, quality and design, we started exploring new challenges and more performant projects.

Corian is also a solid wood furniture offering excellent long term performance, with very discrete joints, giving personality to any type of environment, both interior and exterior.

Food & Drinks

According to the business specifics and the brand design requirements, we will greet you with the appropriate food and drinks furnishing solutions.

Combine your design ideas with our experience in manufacturing furniture and obtain products of fine craftsmanship.

Warehouse & Logistics

We take pride in having assisted our clients in their spatial planning and design, management and execution of furnishing structures, thus contributing to more efficient flows and processes and, ultimately, a more profitable business.

Our experience results in products answering to a variety of functional and endurance requirements, produced following highest quality standards, standing by themselves or being incorporated in wider furnishing projects.

Other projects

TinoMob can provide functional solutions for all your spaces – be they public, residential or back office.

We would love to be part of making your place a hospitable one, where everybody will feel welcome and will enjoy the time spent, wishing to return time and time again.

Let’s meet and design together the best solutions for your business!